Monday, December 26, 2011


In November we decided to embark on a 9 day adventure with our friends Howie & Amber to Hawaii!
For some reason the pictures are in reverse, so it will start on our last night there to the first day we arrived!
 The famous "Merry Christmas" card picture!

 A classic Hawaiian rainbow!
 Sipping Pina Coladas on the beach
 As we were basking in the sun, we noticed a man cheerleader doing some jumps down on the beach, so Josh was inspired to show off some of his skills. In this picture, he is performing a herkie!

 Enjoying the luxuries of the JW Marriott in our suite (Thanks to Howie's reward points)

 The view from our room!

 Delicious Lunch at the Grass Skirt Grill
 Our view in Ko' Olina

 Snorkeling at Hanama Bay... Amazing!
 Josh's right foot was bit off by a shark.. No BD

 Hanama Bay

 Enjoying the best purchases of the trip... Snorkel Gear from Wal Mart! 
 Howie attempting and succeeding at a Cheeseburger in Paradise Challenge. He had to finish this (below) in 20 minutes.... Accomplished in 13:11

 Taking a catamaran to swim with sea turtles!

 Waiting for our boat to arrive!
 What a beauty of a catamaran... Thanks!

 Risking their lives to climb a coconut tree.

 Getting all "harnessed up"

 Polynesian Culture Center
 Spear throwing contest

 Love Love Love the stripes underneath the white shirt!
 Laie Temple! Taking us back to the day we got married!
 Beautiful North Shore!

 The view from our hotel in Honolulu
 Uh,Trying to get my system moving with some grape juice... 

 Never ever use L & L's Drive Inn bathrooms unless you like mold on the walls and poo all over the floor!

 Serendipity! We meet the same guy that we met on the same beach on the day of our wedding!

 Visiting the same beach we had our ring ceremony on the North Shore!

 This was Josh's grand picture idea
"The steps we have taken since we said I DO" What a hopeless romantic!

 Pineapple Ice Cream

 Dole Plantation!
 Cruising in the Converts!

 My new favorite restaurant... DUKES!
 Josh demonstrating the newest break through ab exercise!
 Bros watching the sunset!

 Playing frisbee, catching some rays, and drinking some Coladas!

 Obama so happened to be in Hawaii the same days we were!

 How did the gangster street dancers Amber's balloon???
The answer to this, we will never know!
 Lets just say... This is what happens after leaving Senor Frogs!
 The entourage. Hilary Clinton or a Prime MInister????
 Too much Diet Coke for Howie!
 The most expensive balloon hats around. Miscommunication leads to $20.00 in tips!

 If I had to rate the food from 1-10... I would say a 4, Josh would say a 10!
 Rules Josh taught me about First Class
1. Use the warm rag to wipe down your face.
2. Ask for as many candy bars you can get your hands on
3. Don't ask for a virgin Mai Tai on the plane... They will have no idea what that means in First Class!
The plane that took us across the big blue!